February 19, 2011

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New Tool Scores Your Facebook Page

We’ve just come across a free evaluation tool that could help real estate agents aiming for better Facebook pages.

Vitrue’s Social Page Evaluator does just what its name suggests, giving Facebook pages an estimated annual value, along with a potential value. The tool’s “earned media value” (or cost-per-impression) rate can be adjusted in line with what you think is appropriate.

Click on the “fan-tasize” section and you can also change the number of fans you have, the number of times you post per day, and the level of user engagement. You can even plug in the Facebook pages of your competitors to compare your progress.

As mashable.com points out, this might not be the most scientific measure of Facebook’s effectiveness, but the tool is a great way to get you thinking about what you could change about your Facebook page to make it work harder. Do you need to post more often? Make your content more engaging? Reach out to more fans? All it takes is a quick copy and paste of your Facebook url to get started.


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