January 17, 2011

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Help from New Social Tools


As the world of social media grows, so does the number of related applications that aim to improve the way we use it. Here are three new tools that could make social media that much more useful to you and your business:

my6sense: A Twitter Revolution?

Not yet released, the new tool from my6sense has techcrunch.com buzzing with excitement. The tool will reportedly offer Twitter users the ability to filter news feeds, allowing them to follow as many people as they like and still be able to easily access updates that are most important to them. As techcrunch.com explains:

“The company is focusing on ranking tweets with links—and we all get quite a few of those. From my6sense’s perspective, your friends provide the first level of filtering. It then provides the second level by taking it upon itself to re-rank these Tweets so a users’ focus is directed to the information that is most important to them.”

my6sense can already rank RSS feed content in terms of relevance, and has just released a version of that service for the iPhone.

socialtoo.com: Update to Everywhere from Facebook

socialtoo.com describes itself as “your companion on the social web” and offers a number of different services across Twitter and Facebook.

For Twitter accounts, socialtoo.com provides options to automatically follow or unfollow people, block direct messages from other services, and create and send polls and surveys. Facebook users can also send out these surveys and have access to a short socialtoo.com address that redirects to their Facebook profile.

The website has also just announced its “SocialToo Status” tool that allows Facebook users to update their status to other online networks, such as Twitter, from their profile page.

Linksify: the Ultimate Address Book?

, which has just received US$500,000 investment, bills itself as “the last address book you’ll ever need”.

Essentially, the website is an online address book that allows users to connect with anyone while controlling the information others are able to view. It also lets users to sync with their existing address book, automatically and wirelessly, to keep contact details updated.

There’s a strong emphasis on privacy at linksify.com, with the website stating:

“With linksify.com, you can give your work profile, office number, and company email address to your colleagues and business associates, and your home address, home number, and personal email address to your friends and family. And you can give your cell phone number and your birthday to everyone. Or to no one. With linksify.com, the choice is yours.”


Finally, at the other end of the spectrum, we have the new “anti-Twitter” service, Woofer, which only allows you to post status updates with a minimum of 1400 characters. We would say the “macroblogging” service will never catch on, but there are already over 9,000 users who agree that “140 characters is not nearly enough”.


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