June 9, 2011

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Going Back to the Newspaper with paper.li

Lately we’ve been noticing quite a few Twitter updates from real estate agents linking to their very own online newspapers, created with a free application called paper.li. Today, we’ll take a look at whether this is a social media service you could make use of in your real estate business.

In a nutshell
The idea behind paper.li is simple - it organises links shared on Twitter and Facebook into a newspaper-style format. You can either create your own newspaper, contribute to one, or just read one on a topic of your choice. Some of these, such as The Real Estate Cafe Daily, have quite the following.

paper.li’s newspapers seem useful in two main ways. For agents who want to keep up with the latest online news but don’t want to trawl through Twitter and Facebook, they offer a quick way to catch-up. At the other end of the spectrum, agents who spend a good deal of their time finding interesting content via social media could use paper.li to promote themselves as the expert in a particular niche.

While paper.li is quite quick and easy to use, the obvious criticism is that this is yet another social media service to get used to and check each day. Also, if you choose to create your own newspapers, the challenge will be collecting enough interesting content to release them on a regular basis, and this could take up quite a bit of time.

Are you one of those agents sending out paper.li updates to your fans and followers? Let us know how it’s working for you in our comments.


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