November 26, 2010

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Website Spotlight:


Over the past few days, a post by Benn Rosales over at has been making waves. The topic? The relatively time-consuming task of blogging, versus the quick blasts of information agents send out via channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Agent Strategies: From Pretty Things to Closings


In this week’s agent strategy, Windemere agent Katherine Cannon shares an original take on blog and Facebook content, showing how important it is to find and maintain a niche focus.

Agent Strategies: Even School Information Works


In this week’s agent strategy, California broker/realtor Karen Fiddler gives a great example of how timely, targeted blog content can work to generate leads.

Posterous: Real Estate Blogging in Record Time


We all know a great real estate blog is essential for online visibility, but a common complaint among agents is that creating and maintaining a blog simply takes up too much time. The good news is, there are services out there built specifically for time-poor bloggers.

Agent Strategies: A Big Fish in a Little Pool


This week’s agent strategy comes from Idaho real estate specialist Pam Pugmire, who sums up her online marketing strategy by simply saying “blogging is my SEO plan.”

Agent Strategies: A Charitable Niche


We’ve found a great example of niche real estate marketing in Australian residential agency Habitat Property.

Agent Strategies: Listings Are Not Enough


This week’s agent strategy comes from Edward Gailey, lettings manager at UK agency Phillips and Stubbs, who says links to listings are not enough to attract the public’s attention.

Google AdWords, SEO & Blogging: A UK Perspective – Part Two

In part two of his article, Harwards sales and marketing director Bruce Fenton talks about how UK agents can use Google AdWords, SEO and blogs to their advantage.

Google AdWords, SEO & Blogging: A UK Perspective – Part One


“The residential property industry in the UK has seemingly resisted the movement towards e-business methodologies, unlike our brethren in the US.”

Website Spotlight:

blogbythebayhomepage has just been nominated for one of’s 2010 Innovator Awards, so we wanted to check out what makes this blog so special.