February 22, 2011

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How to Respond to Google Reviews

Yesterday we looked at Google HotPot and pointed out that some real estate agencies are already having negative reviews highlighted through the new service. Today, we’ll go through how to respond to one of these reviews.

As you’re looking through Google HotPot, you’ll notice that there is an option under each review to “flag as inappropriate.” While you can choose this option, Google warns against clicking it simply because you don’t agree with the review.

“It’s important to remember that reviews are a forum for users to share both positive and negative opinions,” the company says. “We do not arbitrate disputes and more often than not, we leave the review up.”

Another way to deal with a negative review is to respond publicly on your Place Page. To do so, you’ll first need to verify your listing by clicking the “Business Owner?” link at the top of your page. You’ll then be led through the verification process, which will involve Google sending you a letter with a PIN and activation instructions.

Once your listing has been verified, all you need to do to respond to a review is scroll down to the “respond publicly as the owner” link at the bottom of the review, write your response, and hit publish.

Google has some good tips for business owners about responding to reviews, which can be applied to reviews on any online platform. We would encourage any real estate agent to read through these tips, and have their response read by at least one other person, before hitting the “publish” button.


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