November 26, 2010

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Google Instant: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

With Google Instant already rolling out across the US, technology observers have been scrambling to predict what it will mean for the world of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

Agent Strategies: A Big Fish in a Little Pool


This week’s agent strategy comes from Idaho real estate specialist Pam Pugmire, who sums up her online marketing strategy by simply saying “blogging is my SEO plan.”

Agent Strategies: Focus on AdWords


Crossing paths with a Google employee was the factor that focused Tom Branch’s online marketing strategy.

Link Building Tips from Google

In a recent blog post, Google search quality strategist Kaspar Szymanski outlined some of the best practices for organic link building.

Google AdWords, SEO & Blogging: A UK Perspective – Part Two

In part two of his article, Harwards sales and marketing director Bruce Fenton talks about how UK agents can use Google AdWords, SEO and blogs to their advantage.

Google AdWords, SEO & Blogging: A UK Perspective – Part One


“The residential property industry in the UK has seemingly resisted the movement towards e-business methodologies, unlike our brethren in the US.”

Using Google Keywords for More Traffic

Of all Google’s free tools, Google Keywords might be the most useful for real estate agents looking for more website traffic.

SEO for Real Estate: What to Avoid

We’ve gone into detail on SEO for real estate agents here at, but the best thing about this topic is there’s always more to learn.

Long Tail Changing the Landscape


Modern Search creator Joe Hanna writes from an Australian perspective about how long tail search is changing the Internet for agents as well as property portals.

Chasing the Long Tail of Search


“Can searches even have a tail?” I hear you asking. The fact is they can, and that tail can be extremely useful when it comes to finding customers.