December 18, 2010

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Agent Strategies: Focus on AdWords

Crossing paths with a Google employee was the factor that focused Tom Branch’s online marketing strategy.

“I sold a property for a Google employee,” the Dallas-based RE/MAX broker associate explains. “I traded my services for an AdWords education!”

Branch says a “very focused” AdWords campaign gives him the best return on investment of all his online marketing strategies.

“AdWords can be really expensive unless you carefully build and monitor the results,” Branch explains. “I spend about $1500 per year and that generates $30k to $40k in revenue.”

But Branch’s strategy isn’t limited to AdWords alone. “Blogging helps with search engine ranking,” he adds. “I’m beginning to experiment with long tail keywords to see if I can take advantage of less competition.”

“I do almost no offline advertising these days,” Branch says. “There’s just no ROI.”

If you’ve been meaning to try out Google AdWords, but are unsure where to start, have a look at this simple how-to video released by the company earlier in the year. And for more on long tail keywords, read our guest explanation by Modern Search creator Joe Hanna here.


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