February 1, 2011

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Link Building Tips from Google

A little while ago, we touched on the topic of link building and how legitimate links can improve your search engine rankings. Now, Google has published its own take on quality links.

In a recent blog post, Google search quality strategist Kaspar Szymanski outlined some of the “best practices for organic link building.” Szymanski’s advice is to:

- Get involved in your community: Offer advice and tools on blogs and forums to build your reputation as well as promote your website. For real estate professionals, this could mean commenting on communities like activerain.com or propertyowl.co.uk, or on the website of your local newspaper.

- Solve problems: Publishing tutorials, research results, or anything else that could help people in your local real estate industry is to be encouraged, as it will prompt people to link to your website as an authoritative source.

- Entertain people: Publishing material that’s simply humorous or curious can also bring in the links, but Szymanski emphasises that this type of content shouldn’t be your only marketing effort.

- Look to your competitors for tips: Find out what works for other publishers in your area, but be sure to adapt your strategy for your particular audience.

It’s clear that all these strategies require a long-term commitment to link building, but Szymanski argues that this strategy will pay off over time. “There are those who advocate for short-lived, often spammy methods, but these are not advisable if you care for your site’s reputation,” Szymanski concludes.


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