October 11, 2011

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How to Link Without Losing Traffic

Do you know why some website links open a new window, while others load the linked page in the window you were already looking at? Understanding these two linking options is important when it comes to keeping visitors on your website.

The difference is simple: setting your links to open in a new window means people can easily find your website again. On the other hand, if the link opens up in the user’s existing window, they might not bother or remember to search for your website again. This means you have a much higher chance of losing that visitor for good.

Today we’ll show wordpress.org users how to make sure their website links open up in a new window. You might be surprised at how easy it is.

1. Make sure you’re viewing your new post in the “visual” display, rather than in HTML. You can change this in the top right corner of window you’re writing you post in.

2. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link.

3. Click the “insert link” button and paste in the link URL.

4. Under the link URL field, you’ll see a field that says “Target.” This will be marked as “not set”, which means your links will open up in the existing window.

5. Change the target field to “open link in a new window.”

After that, all you need to do is hit “insert” and your link is ready to go. Soon you’ll get into the habit of setting your links to open in a new window, and you’ll come to expect this option from the websites you visit as well.


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