May 10, 2011

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SEO Tips for Tight Budgets

As a real estate agent looking to create a strong online presence, you already know that search engine optimisation should be a key part of your strategy. But what if your marketing budget just won’t stretch to cover an in-house SEO consultant? That’s the question one real estate agent put straight to Google, and got this video in response:

Google’s first piece of advice is to focus in on a niche, be it a particular neighbourhood, market or type of buyer or seller. If you’re stuck, check out our ten niche marketing ideas for your real estate website and see which of these you could implement.

Google’s other key piece of advice is to give people strong reasons to link to your website by offering something creative or unique. Why are links so important? The reason is that the more other people link to your website, the more authoritative it is seen to be, and that means higher rankings in search results.

Of course, these two tips just scratch the surface in terms of what real estate agents can do to improve their SEO. For a more in-depth look at how to optimise your website, check out our guest series on real estate SEO.


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  1. Atif Iqbal says:

    Google webpage speed test is very use full tool to check your site speed as well search engine optimization. You must optimize your images and give them title attribute. Also load all your Java Script at page bottom just before the body close. I success fully done this for my site and seen a lot of improvement for my daily visitors. My site was ranked at 1 million some where in Alexa Ranking, today it is not some where near 700,000 for 3 month average and one month average is near 450,000.

    Another good site to check your SEO is It give a details analysis and suggestions to improve your SEO.


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