April 29, 2011

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Simple Ways to Attract More Links

In last week’s SEO Tips for Tight Budgets, we heard Google’s advice on how to climb search engine rankings without breaking the bank. Part of Google’s advice was to give people strong reasons to link to your real estate website, as more links means a more authoritative page. But how do you go about doing this, exactly?

The short answer can be found in the conversations you have with buyers and sellers in your area. Which questions are you answering day after day? If you’ve explained something to more than three clients, chances are many more people are plugging that same question into Google. So if you can offer the answers these people are looking for, the number of incoming links to your website should increase as readers point others to your content.

Along with providing answers, tips and information for the type of buyer or seller you want to work with, you can also take steps to promote your blog or website to a wider audience. We recommend you do this through sharing your content with other bloggers, commenting, using social media and leveraging your email database.

Consistency in content is another important factor when it comes to attracting links. If you continue to provide quality blog posts on one particular location or topic, visitors will come to think of your website as a go-to resource. On the other hand, patchy content makes it more difficult for visitors and search engines to decide what your website is about.

If all else fails and your website is still appearing well down in search results for the keywords you’re targeting, take a few minutes to browse through the content on the top three or four websites. Are there any topics these websites don’t cover that you could tackle, or ways you could replicate their content in your own original way?

Of course, there are plenty of quick-fix offerings out there that promise website owners more links and higher rankings - for a fee. Before you go down that path, we’d recommend giving the above strategies a try for at least a few months, giving people time to notice your website and gradually build legitimate links to it.

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