May 6, 2011

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Previously on Property Ad Guru: SEO

Keen followers of technology news will know that Google recently made a significant change to its algorithm, in an attempt to improve its search results and block out websites with low-quality or duplicate content.

If you’ve found your website has lost rankings due to this change, or if you just want to double-check that everything is in order for your website’s SEO, check out these previous posts:

To start with, read through our Back to Basics article on what some of the more common SEO terms actually mean and what SEO is.

Next, you might want to hear this advice straight from Google on what real estate agents without much money to spend can do to boost their SEO.

For more advice from Google, read through these tips based on the search engine giant’s SEO evaluation of its own websites.

As Google’s update was centred on dealing with duplicate content, you might also want to check out how re-posting your content across the web can hurt your SEO.

Finally, for those agents who want to take their website’s SEO into their own hands, read through our detailed four-part guest series on SEO for real estate websites.

That’s just a taste of the SEO information we have here at, and you can check out many more in our SEO posts section.


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  1. Thanks for a great resource Alice. Agents often spend thousands on developing a website and $0.00 on SEO. Ranking on page 2 and beyond is no longer good enough with Google instant results, users are more likely to only visit top ranking sites.

    I would suggest that every website owner should at least have signed up to Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics as wel as have basic access to edit content on their site, Edit titles and to a lesser degree meta tags.

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