July 6, 2011

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Previously on Property Ad Guru: Video

With 2010 drawing to a close, real estate agents and industry commentators are busy making their predictions around next year’s technology trends. One trend that is already starting to take off, but has yet to be taken up by the majority of agents, is video.

This is good news for agents who are willing to try something new and put themselves and/or their properties on screen, as video use will give them a concrete point of difference. If you’re one of those agents considering adding video to your marketing mix in 2011, start with these posts:

Agent Strategies: Video Blogging for Visitors: Ian Watt shows how easy it is to video blog on a regular basis.

SEO Tips for YouTube Videos: Find out how to get your video to the top.

Five Inspirational Real Estate Videos: Great examples to get you thinking.

Video Listings Tips from Visual Domain: Advice from the professionals.

Facebook and Real Estate Video in Action: Bixby Knolls TV shows how video can also be social.


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