February 1, 2011

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Website Spotlight: tuesdaymorningcoffee.com

We’ve already seen one original approach to video blogging from Ian Watt, who posts three videos every week as a way to reach out to new prospects and dominate local search results. Today, we’re taking a look at another well established video blog from The John Jones Real Estate Team: tuesdaymorningcoffee.com.

Having been established since 2007, tuesdaymorningcoffee.com has had time to build itself up into a detailed resource on Rutherford County real estate. Along with regular video posts, the website also offers its visitors a podcast, a free home valuation tool, and a range of other information. For those visitors with slow Internet connections, tuesdaymorningcoffee.com even provides transcripts of some of its videos.

What this agency has done with their video blogging is simply take the topics most agents cover in blog posts and address them in short videos. The last few posts cover topics such as market updates, advice to sellers, tips on avoiding foreclosure, and even an interview with a local business owner. The latest market update is below:

While there’s nothing particularly flashy about the videos, they combine to create a valuable resource for people interested in this particular real estate market. Better still, they position John Jones and his team as knowledgeable and connected to the community they work in.


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