June 18, 2011

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Website Spotlight: locomusings.com

Alongside clarkcountyrealestate.com, locomusings.com might be one of the best examples of local real estate blogging we’ve come across recently. The agent behind the blog, Heather Elias, is using it to cover “musings on life and real estate in Loudoun County,” and doing a great job of promoting her business in the process.

But before we get to the blog posts, let’s consider the layout of the website itself. As soon as you open locomusings.com, you’re presented with a range of clearly labelled options down the right-hand side - “ask Heather”, “search for homes”, “what’s my home worth?” and “LoCo market stats”. So Elias has already covered all the topics that will be most important to her website visitors before they have to scroll down the page.

Another point to note is that Elias has integrated a live chat option at the top of the website that shows when she’s online and available. What better way to connect with potential buyers and sellers when they’re most focused on doing business?

When it comes to the blog posts themselves, Elias is covering a good mix of local market information, local news, new listings and interesting tidbits. When it comes to posting her listings, Elias takes the opportunity to provide more information than you’d find in an average online listing, and doesn’t forget to include her email address and phone number within the post itself for maximum lead generation.

So which aspects of locomusings.com could you replicate on your own real estate website? Of course, let us know of any other websites you think we should spotlight in our comments.


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