May 4, 2011

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Website Spotlight: has just renovated its blog, promising “a wealth of consumer and agent information.” Let’s take a look at what this blog does well, and what improvements could be made.

What works

- The blog offers a good balance of content, with local market information mixed in with “agent spotlight” features and recent news. There is also space for restaurant reviews and even a book club, however these are not yet populated with posts.

- It also highlights the agency’s YouTube videos right at the top, which is a great way to get users to stick around even if they don’t see any blog posts that interest them.

- Another plus for this blog is that it is well integrated into the rest of the website. Users can easily navigate to the listing search, “about us” page or any other section without having to go hunting or return to the main homepage.


- When next updating their blog, could tweak the layout to show more content immediately. A long list of recent posts, along with the strategy of showing a grab of the latest entry with a “read more” option, would ensure users have a reason to stay even if the first few entries don’t interest them.

- The “balloon schedule,” showing where the RE/MAX hot air balloons are going to appear next, is a great inclusion, but people may not understand exactly what it is from the title. Tweaking the wording to “follow the RE/MAX balloons,” for example, could encourage more people to click through.

- Another strategy could use is breaking up each blog post with lists and bold headings. This has already been done in some posts - the challenge is in applying it to longer, more detailed information to make sure readers stay engaged.

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