May 4, 2011

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Website Spotlight:

The week, our website spotlight falls on Australian real estate agency BresicWhitney, which is based in the competitive Sydney market. Last year, BresicWhitney undertook a major website overhaul in order to stand out.

These efforts earned the agency’s web designers a highly commended at this year’s Australian Interactive Media Association awards, so we thought we’d get in touch to find out what makes the BresicWhitney website so special.

The people behind the redesign were Moon Communications Group, who have also worked with clients like Westpac and ninemsn. “We essentially created a lifestyle portal rather than a typical property agent website, allowing users to engage with BresicWhitney on a more personal and emotional level,” explains Moon managing director Anouk Darling.

According to Moon, the work it undertook to complete the redesign included steps like:

- Interviewing the website’s users to fully understand its audience

- Changing the website to require registration before property search profiles could be saved, in order to capture user data

- Creating a brand strategy around the idea of “matching” property hunters with their perfect home

- Standardising the images across the website

- Extending the website’s reach into mobile with the introduction of MMS alerts

This is just a sample of the work Moon undertook, and it seems to have paid off. According to the agency, BresicWhitney’s visits were up 25 percent on 2008 totals in June 2009, and up 30 percent the following month.

One thing BresicWhitney doesn’t seem to have included in their web strategy at this stage is a presence on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. As we’ve discussed plenty of times before, a blog, Facebook fan page, or Twitter account are fantastic ways to keep your web audience engaged, even when they’re not actively searching for a home. We look forward to seeing what BresicWhitney does in this area in future.


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  1. Kylie Emans says:

    Wow, great site and I love the suburb profile but I am surprised that they did not include a blog, but like a lot of people are discovering, a good blog is a daily exercise…

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