May 2, 2011

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Website Spotlight:

In yesterday’s Back to Basics article on social media, real estate technology expert David Gibbons mentioned as an example of a real estate website making good use of its content to attract visitors. Today, we’re taking a closer look at this Miami beach real estate website to see what else it does right. was named one of’s 50 most influential in 2009, but creators Enrique Garcia and Ines Hegedus-Garcia haven’t just been resting on their laurels since then. The site now has over 1,300 “likes” on Facebook, 160 videos on YouTube, an extensive Flickr presence, and a Twitter following over 7,000-strong.

Clearly, a huge amount of effort has gone into creating the content on The site offers everything from market analysis, listings and mortgage information to advice for sellers and of course the mojito reviews Gibbons mentioned.

But all this content hasn’t appeared on overnight. In fact, the site says it was created by “one of South Florida’s first realty teams to capitalise on Internet marketing.” A quick look through’s YouTube profile reveals just how long-term their approach has been, with videos dating back at least three years.

Even if you haven’t spent the last three years adding interesting, helpful local content to your real estate website, you can still catch up. Start with just one content channel - be it your blog, Twitter profile, or YouTube videos - and work on updating it regularly. Once that becomes routine, look at adding another piece of the puzzle, until your site becomes a valuable local real estate resource.


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  1. ines says:

    Alice, i am flattered beyond words and appreciate the kind words from both you and David. FYI, Miamism was created in 2006 and have been adding content on a regular basis since then. It does take a lot of work, but more importantly, consistency and dedication. I started with only one article, anyone can start one blog post at a time. Thank you!

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