November 27, 2010

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Website Spotlight: Finding Your Blog’s Balance

In this week’s website spotlight, we’re taking a look at some New Zealand real estate agents who are managing to strike a good balance in their blog posts., as its name suggests, focuses on North Shore City, New Zealand. The website is based on a WordPress theme, and features regular blog posts. The five most recent posts were:

- A feature on a boutique hotel in the area

- A listing feature

- Information on an upcoming art exhibition

- Another listing feature

- Information on the latest movements in finance

This mix of local information, financial news, and listing updates provides a good balance for readers. Those who aren’t ready to buy just yet can find out more about the area, while serious house hunters can skip these posts and focus on the listings themselves.

Finding your blog’s balance takes time and a willingness to experiment, but it will pay off. The most important thing is to keep a close eye on your website analytics, fine-tuning your posts to suit your readers’ interests.


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