July 6, 2011

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Does Your Website Cover Market Movements?

Previously on propertyadguru.com, we’ve talked about how real estate agents should include recently sold listings and biographical information on their websites. Today we want to highlight another base we believe all good real estate websites should cover: local market information.

Including information about recent changes in the local real estate market isn’t just about providing website visitors with as much data as possible. It’s also about managing the expectations of your buyers and sellers. By showing precisely how long properties are staying on the market and how much they’re selling for, you have something concrete to point to when answering queries.

Of course, providing market information on your website also proves that you’re on top of what’s happening in local real estate, especially if you’re giving your audience the freshest information possible. You could do this through a frequently updated graph or table on your homepage, or in regular blog posts that go into recent market movements in more detail.

Some of the topics you could cover in these blog posts include median property prices for sales and rentals, the highest and lowest sale prices paid recently, the average increase in property prices, and the average time properties spend on the market. Even if this information shows your local market in a less than positive light, visitors to your website will appreciate the fact that you’re providing it and helping them stay informed.

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