April 23, 2011

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Six Tips for Website Stickiness

Getting people to come to your website is one thing. Getting them to stay longer than a few seconds before they head back to Facebook or Google is another challenge entirely. So if you’re thinking of overhauling your website to keep visitors there longer - to increase its “stickiness” factor - consider adding in the following:

  • FAQs for buyers and/or sellers: You’ve heard and answered these questions hundreds of times before, so why not write out your answers and add them to your website?
  • Schools information: For families, this information is hugely important and they will appreciate being able to find it alongside local real estate information.
  • Mortgage calculator: Buyers can find these calculators on bank websites and property portals, but why not offer one yourself so they don’t have to leave your website?
  • Market statistics: Including at least some information about how the local real estate market is performing is essential in positioning yourself as the local expert, even if that information isn’t all positive.
  • Transport information: If people choose to move to your neighbourhood, what can they expect when it comes to getting around?
  • Things to Do: Go beyond your listings to show visitors more about the lifestyle they can look forward to when they move to your area.

If the idea of adding all that information to your homepage is overwhelming, remember that most of those topics can be tackled in your blog, which should prompt visitors to subscribe and keep coming back for more.

[Image: woodleywonderworks]


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