April 23, 2011

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10 Local Content Ideas for Your Website

Along with previously sold listingsagent information and market statistics, good real estate websites also need to have a strong focus on their local area. Websites like clarkcountryrealestateguide.com and nestrealtygroup.com do this particularly well, but what if you’re looking to replicate their approach on your own real estate website or blog?

To help you get started, we’ve come up with 10 local content ideas for you to choose from:

1. Businesses: You visit local shops and businesses every week. Could you profile one of them in your next blog post?
2. Events: Target the search results for upcoming concerts, markets, sports games or any other upcoming event with a timely post.
3. Natural surroundings: What can prospective buyers look forward to in terms of picnic spots or walking trails?
4. Neighbourhoods: Could you add a profile of each neighbourhood you cover to your website, as nestrealtygroup.com has done?
5. History: What can you tell buyers about the history of your local area to give them a deeper sense of what it might mean to live there?
6. News: Use Google Alerts to receive a daily email with any news about your local area, then see what could be useful for your blog.
7. Schools: As once California-based agent told us last year, posting school information can be very effective when it comes to generating leads.
8. Residents: We all know real estate agents will talk up their area, but why do the local residents love to live there?
9. Past clients: Who have you helped move to your area? Could you publish their story to entice other buyers to do the same?
10. Your business: Of course, don’t forget to highlight any activities you’re undertaking in your local community on your website to show potential clients how engaged you are.

Which real estate websites do you think do a great job of promoting their local area? Let us know in our comments.

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