July 6, 2011

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Does Your Website Highlight Your Team?

Last week we talked about how including past sales information on your website can improve your image with visitors, particularly if those visitors are sellers. Today, we’ll look at another essential for a great real estate website - agent profiles.

One reason for including information about the agents in your office is to ensure that these profiles feature in any Google searches for their names. While this will be less frequent than people searching by the name of your agency or for real estate agents in your area, it’s still important to cover this base to present the most professional image possible to potential clients.

Another good reason to profile the agents that work in your office on your website is that this gives you to the chance to highlight the particular skills and experience they have to offer. Last week’s Website Spotlight, thecoralgablesstory.com, does a great job of this in its agent profiles. Reading through these, you get a strong sense of what each team member has to offer and whether they would be the right agent to work with.

Featuring your team members could also be a good project for your agency’s blog. Have each agent in the office write up a post talking about their real estate experiences and what they can offer clients. Once you have this content, you could then move it to a dedicated “about us” section for future reference.

The only thing to be aware of when adding agent profiles is to keep your copy as genuine sounding as possible. Visitors will quickly be turned off if the profiles sound too much like advertising copy, so let your agents’ personalities shine through, along with their skills and experience.


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