June 9, 2011

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More Property Hunters Looking to Agent Sites in NZ

New research by New Zealand property portal realestate.co.nz shows that the number of property hunters clicking through to real estate agents’ websites to find out more about properties has increased over the last 12 months.

The results of the research, summed up in the graph below, show that just under 400,000 referral links were made from realestate.co.nz to agents and offices websites in March this year, up from 317,000 in March 2010.

“This trend of increasing referral to real estate company and agent websites potentially points to greater researching on the part of serious property buyers, seeking comprehensive facts regarding properties and agents,” realestate.co.nz explains. “This trend is only likely to continue in the future with the growing focus of buyers and sellers to online searching.”

The question for agents is, does your website offer the kind of information these property hunters are after, or will they soon be clicking back to the property portal? At the very least, we think your site should cover local information, market movements, and recently sold listings. An even better real estate website will also include client testimonials and information on your team. The more bases you cover, the more your site becomes a source of quality leads.


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