November 28, 2010

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Five Reasons to Try Out Video

In yesterday’s website spotlight, we looked at - a real estate website with a heavy emphasis on great visual content. Like, many real estate websites are coming to understand the power of video when it comes to persuading potential clients. But if you’re still wondering whether video is worth the time and effort, consider the following:

Besides all these statistics, perhaps the best reason to try online video is that other real estate agents are already using it to generate business. For an example of how agents are doing this, check out our recent profile of Canadian video blogger Ian Watt. How could you replicate this strategy for your own market?


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  1. Fred Light says:

    Actually, the main reason to do it is NOT because other agents are already using it. In fact, about 1% or less of all agents currently use video. And much of it is mediocre at best.

    THAT’S the reason you should use video - it gives you a competitive advantage over literally 99% of your competition! That translates into getting virtually every listing appointment you go for….

  2. Alice Allan says:

    Really good point Fred - establish yourself as the top real estate video producer in your market and you’ll be leagues ahead of your competition!

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