April 12, 2011

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SEM Ad Copy that Works

We know that not everyone can spot a paid ad in search engine results, and that search engine marketing isn’t as daunting as it might sound at first. So for those real estate agents now ready to take the leap into SEM, we decided to seek out some good examples of search engine ads for real estate.

A quick search for “real estate Melbourne” on google.com.au reveals five paid ads next to the main search results, but only one that directly matches that search phrase. This ad - which is not from an agency but from realestatefees.com.au - also scores points for spelling out exactly what people will find when they click through: “Find Out What Real Estate Agents Fees & Commission Are In Your Area.”

A much narrower search for “Mosman real estate” brings up only one paid result, this time from Australian portal realestateview.com.au. The ad’s title matches the home hunter’s intention - “Mosman houses for sale” - while the text below again spells out what people can expect when they click on it: “View the Latest NSW Properties Online Now at RealestateVIEW New South Wales.”

Over on google.com, the results for “Michigan homes for sale” are wide open, with only one lonely ad from ask.com. But if we narrow down our search to “Ann Arbor homes for sale” we see one good example from therealtytour.com titled “Ann Arbor Real Estate MLS.” “Listings Updated Every 5 Minutes Foreclosures, School & Area Info,” the text below the ad states, covering plenty of bases to draw in property seekers.

Even this very cursory survey of search engine marketing for real estate shows that there are plenty of search terms that haven’t been overtaken by ads from large property portals, and that savvy agents who target the right keywords with the right copy can still make an impact. Remember, there are still plenty of advertisers out there making lots of SEM mistakes, so it’s not impossible for you to get your campaign right and rise above the competition.


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