October 11, 2011

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Not Everyone Can Spot a Paid Ad in Search

A new study by search engine marketing firm iProspect caught our eye this week for what it reveals about Australians’ habits and attitudes when it comes to search.

As bandt.com.au reports, the study found that over 50 percent of consumers can’t tell the difference between organic search results and paid results. The message for real estate agents? Don’t assume paid ads in search engine results will just be ignored - they definitely have a place in a good online marketing strategy.

iProspect APAC CEO Peter Hunter agrees. “If you are running a large traditional campaign and you don’t have a search component to it you are going to miss out,” he told bandt.com.au.

Another statistic that jumps out from the report is that real estate is one of the most searched-for categories online. Over the past six months, the most popular categories searched by Australians were entertainment (56.9 percent), followed by computers and electronics (50.6 percent), real estate (45.5 percent), and airline reservations (41.1 percent). The question is, where are you showing up in those real estate searches?

Kevin Walsh, managing director of iProspect, told bandt.com.au that while Australians love search the figures for mobile search are much lower compared to the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

“Mobile data plans we have in Australia are not helping Australian use their smart phones to the extent you would like,” Walsh explains. “In Japan and Korea the use of mobile is phenomenal. That will trickle its way to Australia eventually.”

[Image: Auntie P]


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