November 27, 2010

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homeonthetubecomlogo is a new way to show property listings online - by video. operates just like a regular property portal, except the listings are all done via video. The details about the property provided in text or by photo are basic, with a full description given on the video itself.

So unlike other portals which include video alongside text and images to add another dimension, focuses purely on video as a means of showing the property listing to prospective buyers. Its like being given a mini tour by the advertiser.

The video listings are searchable by the usual criteria like city, price, bedrooms and bathrooms, under the categories of for sale, rent and vacation rental.

Users can shortlist favourites, and contact the advertisers. At the moment the site lists properties in the US only, with a strong emphasis on California.

The site is currently offering free uploads, requiring only a short signup/login process. A premium account will be needed for multiple uploads and cost approximately $19.95.

And there’s even a video to show agents and homeowners how to list their properties on the website.

Users will be able to search and view property videos on the main website, and eventually also on a yet-to-be-released mobile website and iPhone® App with GPS features.


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  1. Mark says:

    These types of sites just make me crazy.

    What are they thinking? There is not ONE homebuyer who wants to search homes with video. Not one, anywhere in the world.

    Buyers want to search ALL homes that meet THEIR criteria. I’m sure many HOPE a video will be attached to that home, but nobody just searches for videos of homes. The whole concept is just completely off base.

    And who supports a site like this? Why would I pay $19.95 when I can upload a video to many sites for FREE? Why would a buyer go to a site like this to see the ONE house in New York that has a video, when there are 10,000 houses in NY that meet their criteria? And that’s not even looking at the fact that I’m sure nobody is keeping this inventory even remotely current.

    Misguided. Totally misguided.

  2. Donna Wieland says:


    You are a little off base. In our area, we have a cable channel dedicated to 7/24 video ‘showing’s’ houses. Potential buyers can’t even ‘pick’ the houses they are interested in. Yet, the viewership is going up every year. I can’t see how this is any different.

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