February 14, 2011

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Video – Is It Worth It?

As technology moves ahead in leaps and bounds, new advertising opportunities are presented to agents almost every day. One of these is the use of video to present a listing. While it may look sexy, should an agent be investing in video on their listings?

An example of an agent that uses video in the presentation of some of their listings is Ray White Double Bay in Sydney, Australia. They use an external company called Propvid to develop short videos for the top end properties.   The videos are launched from the property details page or from a special section where all the listings with video are listed.  Click here to see an example.

However the queston still remains, should an agent be investing in adding video to their listings? The short answer for most agents and for most listings is no.

Firstly, when a consumer searches for a listing they tend to look at the pictures and make a decision on whether to explore the property further. Therefore, I would rather invest money into great quality pictures rather than video.

Secondly, consumers tend to rapidly search through many properties and therefore there is not the time to go through and look at videos on properties.

Thirdly, even if a property does have a video, I am not sure that consumers want to take the time to watch a 1 - 3 min video on a property. They like to be able to view and absorb information at their own pace and not at the pace of the video maker.

Finally, the total cost of developing and presenting videos really limits them to use with top end properties. While the cost of developing videos is dropping, they are still a luxury, especially when free listing sites are emerging.

So given all of this, I believe that if an agent does want to use videos for listings on their site, they should limit them to the top end properties and track closely the number of opens / viewings of these videos.


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  1. Jon says:

    I dont agree that video doesnt work. we recently had a lady seraching for properties to rent in Newcastle and a youtube video of one of our properties for sale came up in the search results. from that video we sold the lady a house…and to think she was only looking for a rental

  2. Video – Is it worth it? IT IS NOW!

    Let’s make no bones about this, Video, if done right is a fantastic online sales tool. We are experiencing a video explosion on the web and vendors expect professional agents to take advantage of it.

    The problems with conventional video are costs, disruption to clients, production time, quality and changes (you have to reshoot if you don’t like the footage)

    Our solution is to produce a Video Tour experience from your existing, high quality photos. We then add a professionally produced soundtrack and a fly-by intro to the start of the video showing the property’s exact location. This is all produced instantly, with no effort from you and the best thing is the price.

    You can have a standard Video Tour across ALL of your properties for £50 per month per branch, with all-singing, all-dancing videos costing only £125.

    Since launching only 2 months ago with this product, several branches of the renowned Jackson-Stops and Staff (UK) now use our Video Tours to present ALL of their properties.

    Take a look:

    And with fantastic Large Photo Galleries for people who want to browse a property at speed , the feedback from clients has been superb.

    At this price and with this quality, not only is video worth it, but it is a potential new revenue stream for your business that will give weight to your pitches and transform your entire approach to online marketing in an instant!

    To find out more visit http://www.idealhome.tv - property media specialists

  3. I half agree with you here. Video is like any other marketing tool. Used correctly it is extremely effective. Used poorly it is an expensive waste of money.

    The simple fact is that more and more people are turning to the internet and video in particular for both their entertainment and their purchasing needs.

    Do I think you should produce a $100 video of a distressed foreclosure in Detroit and throw it up on YouTube? No.

    Do I think it is going to be almost essential to produce a video to market a high-end property in Beverly Hills? Yes.

    It doesn’t have to be as expensive, or difficult to produce as you might think either. Costs are coming down all the time, and it is becoming technically easier to produce video. This is a good resource:


    Not so sure I agree with Jon either. The last time I checked there were almost 50,000 videos on YouTube tagged “real estate,” talk about lucky some one saw it, let alone purchased from it :)

    Interesting post. Thanks.

  4. Fred Light says:

    I have dozens of clients who use web video for all or most of their listings and for marketing their brand - they would all tend to disagree with you.

    1) Video is THE slam dunk way or getting every single listing - guaranteed. Sellers and buyers LOVE video.
    2) Will they watch a 2 minute video? Absolutely! Will they watch a 6 minute video? Absolutely?

    You have to understand the sequence. Buyers search on their main criteria (price, location, #beds, #baths, etc.). THEN, they read the description. THEN, they quickly pop through the photos. If they like what they see so far, they WILL download the video and they will watch it. Every minute of it. Scrutinize it, in fact! And possibly watch it again. And again. And then call the agent for an appointment!

    Video is the FINAL qualifier, not the first.

    A client just called me yesterday in fact (http://www.nashuavideotours.com/virtualtours/sample/rowley/branded.html) and stated that 1) The home was sold in 21 days (in March of 2009!) 2) The buyer specifically stated that the video is what sold him and that he watched that video REPEATEDLY in order to make his decision.

    Video takes your “brand” as a realtor and elevates far and above virtually ALL of your competition. That’s the real, underlying benefit. In an industry where there are a gazillion realtors which all look alike, walk alike, talk alike, have the same websites, the same business cards, the same listing presentations, etc… video is one way to stand FAR above the crowd.

    It’s a big secret, because those who truly ‘get it’, really get it. And they’re seeing the benefits in a huge way. Those who don’t ‘get it’… never will.

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