March 13, 2011

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Back to Basics: What Makes a Good Suburb Profile?

The news that Australian property portal is starting to add suburb profile videos to its listing results got us thinking: what makes the difference between a great suburb profile that sells property, and one that never gets viewed all the way through?

Of course, is only the latest in a long line of real estate websites to move in this direction, so we considered all the best aspects of the suburb videos we’ve seen to come up with these tips:

  • Make sure your video covers all the basics - that it’s edited, the voice over matches the visuals, and that your contact information and website details appear at the end, along with your logo. You’d be surprised how few real estate videos - suburb profiles or otherwise - actually tick all these boxes.
  • Rather than hire someone to do voice over, use interviews with locals as much as you can. We saw how effective this was on, giving an insider’s look at what life is like in a certain area.
  • Resist the temptation to promote your agency rather than your area. The main aim of these videos should be to give home hunters information such as an overview of local amenities, schools, transport options and the kinds of properties available in the neighbourhood.

If you’re covering all these bases in your suburb profile videos, you’re well on your way to establishing your website as the go-to resource for your area, and raising your agency’s profile in the process. Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what other things go into making a good suburb profile video in our comments.


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