November 26, 2010

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Reader Poll: What’s Your Video Tool of Choice?


The saying goes that you’re only as good as the tools you use, so let us know in our poll: what’s your video creation tool of choice?

Strategies for Great Video Listings


We’ve talked before about easy fixes to take video listings from amateur to attention-grabbing. Today, we…

What We Can Learn from Old Spice


The idea must have sounded ridiculous at first. “Let’s get the Old Spice guy to answer random questions from people on YouTube. It’ll be huge!”

Easy Fixes for Video Listings


There are plenty of videos out there that could make even the most settled of home owners wonder whether they should consider moving. How do yours measure up?

Technology Trends from the NAR Conference: Part 2 – Video and Virtual Tours


The NAR Conference in San Diego wrapped up yesterday and after a few days of wandering around the expo hall, it is clear that there are a number of technology trends that are emerging.

In Part 1 of Tech Trends from the NAR Conference, we wrote about how more and more web provides are offering realtors with a mobile presence. In this article, we look at video and virtual tours. In the next article (Part 3), we will look at the ridiculously cheap websites being offered to realtors in the US.

Let’s look at virtual and video tours.

Video Promotion Streamlined with AdWords


Real estate professionals who use YouTube to promote their listings will now benefit from a new, streamlined process available through Google AdWords.

AudioAgent Offers Online Tours


AudioAgent has released two advertising options it says will increase the chances of turning an online property search into a real life viewing.

New iPhone App for Easy Video Posting


WellcomeMat is now offering an iPhone application it claims will make it “easier to post a video for a property that it is to post photos”.


homeonthetubecomlogo is a new way to show property listings online - by video.

Using Video Increases Leads

According to For Rent Media Solutions, owner of US apartment search website and a division of Dominion Enterprises, property managers who incorporate video into their marketing initiatives see a significant increase in lead generation.