January 11, 2011

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Four Common YouTube Mistakes to Avoid

In seeking out some great examples of real estate video in action, we’ve also come across plenty of videos that don’t quite measure up for one reason or another. While these mistakes are common, they’re also quite easy to fix. So before you next post a video to YouTube, watch out for the following:

No contact information. You’ve gone to all the trouble of filming and uploading a video, so why make it difficult for interested viewers to get in touch? A call to action at the end of the video is always a good idea, but at the very least you should add your contact details in the description below.

No editing. While there’s no need to make a Hollywood production out of your latest video, it never hurts trim out anything that could bore your audience. For Mac users, we’d recommend using iMovie to clean up your videos, while PC users can look into Windows Movie Maker.

Too long. A 10 minute documentary of all a property’s features might please your sellers, but will appeal to the online attention span? Something closer to three minutes is much safer and will increase your chances of keeping viewers interested until the end.

Poor description. The content of your video itself is important, but arguably more important is the way you describe it. As we discussed in our SEO tips for YouTube videos, your video’s title, description and tags will have a huge impact on whether it will be found by the right audience.


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