January 17, 2011

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Using YouTube to Advertise Properties

With the economy tightening in the US, agents exploring more and more innovative ways in which they can market their properties. One way is to put a video of a property up on YouTube (its free!) and hope for leads to be generated.

A recent article on www.azstarnet.com, the online version on the Arizona Daily Star, looks at how realtors and homeowners are turning to the web to help sell properties - in particular, YouTube.

A quick search of “homes for sale” on YouTube showed around 19,000 entries - primarily from the US.  While this seems alot, there are 4.4 million homes for sale or rent on realtor.com at the moment - so 19,000 isn’t a large percentage.

It the www.azstarnet.com article, they talk to agent Vicki Holmes from HomesbyHolmes who is selling a house in Colonia Solana, an upmarket neighbourhood of Tuscon. To help drive awareness of this listing, Vicki shot a 90 second commercial for the Colonia Solana home. The ad is below.

The objective is to create more awareness of the listing in the market and hopefully lead to a sale. To date the listing has been viewed 140 times and according to the article, for the agents they intereviewed there has yet to be a direct link between using YouTube and making an actual sale.

Still, if you have already developed video for use with the property then this could be a zero cost reuse of the video. However, as we talked about in a different article, we don’t believe that the use of video on listings is worth the investment.


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  1. Dave says:

    The web is full of useful tools for people to sell their own home. Check out http://www.HouseSell.com.au to see their integration of Streetview to sell homes.

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