February 27, 2011

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How Do You Like Your Leads?

What do you count as a lead, and how much are you paying for them?

In the US, rental listing website rentlinx.com has just changed its definition. Now, emails that do not include a phone number or a specific comment or question will not be considered leads. “At rentlinx.com, a lead is a lead,” the company states.

rentlinx.com may be moving in the right direction with this change, but there are real estate agents out there who are arguing that the majority of their leads can be generated at no cost whatsoever. Over at agentgenius.com, Lesley Lambert says over 80 percent of her closed real estate transactions during the last six months can be directly attributed to her use of social media marketing.

While not everyone was convinced, Lambert’s claim starts to make sense in light of Google’s recent ranking of the top 1,000 websites for April 2010. This list has Facebook as the most visited site on the web, well out in front with 540,000,000 unique visitors and a reach of 35.2 percent.

Agents promoting themselves through a WordPress blog will also be pleased that the platform came in at number 12 on the list. Twitter wasn’t all that far behind, ranking at number 18.

When deciding whether you should be spending more time generating leads via social media, portal listings, or letterbox drops, the most important thing is to know where your leads are coming from. For more on that topic, check out our in-depth article on lead tracking here.


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