May 29, 2011

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Quick Lead Generation Ideas from

If the sign up forms on your website no longer generate valuable leads - or if they never did in the first place - you might want to spend a few minutes on Anne Holland’s This is a website that lets you take free quizzes on which marketing tactics were most effective, using real-world examples. Here are some of the results that stood out to us:

  • A longer email subject line got more clicks, opens and sign-ups than a shorter, less detailed subject line.
  • Using a different colour to highlight a call to action generated more clicks than making it bigger.
  • Adding a picture next to a donation form resulted in a 10 percent lift in donation amounts.
  • A lead generation form that only asked for an email address generated 52 percent more leads than one that asked for first and last name along with the address.

Of course, these results can’t be seen as unbreakable online marketing rules - what works for one email campaign or website might not necessarily work for another. Still, looking at the results of these tests is a good reminder of the value of tweaking wording and design, and monitoring the response.


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