August 9, 2011

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UK and international property portal has acquired Lead Galaxy.

Lead Galaxy is a lead generation company focused on increasing property sales for overseas property agents and developers. The company owns and operates a network of country specific property marketing web sites covering over 40 countries, under the “venture” brand (eg:,, etc).

Under the deal, will take over the overseas property website portfolio operated by Lead Galaxy.

Lead Galaxy was established in 2003 by Gerard Doyle and Michael Katz. Combining marketing and overseas property portal experience, the company focused on online marketing, particularly search engine marketing. In 2008 The Armarium Group Ltd invested in a minority stake of Lead Galaxy.

To date, Lead Galaxy has supplied a total of 101,159 real time web leads by email to agents.

The deal with stands to create the world’s largest and most popular international property website, maximising the number and quality of leads generated.

“We can’t deny there has been a massive contraction in the real estate market and overseas property is not immune to that downturn. Through this consolidation is able to maintain the benefits that both portals brought to agents while maintaining a lower overall cost of business,” says Gerard Doyle from Lead Galaxy, who told he will be taking a non-executive director roll at On the Move Ltd and helping with the transition of advertiser accounts across to the new unified platform.

Gerard says agents will find their online advertising streamlined, particularly for advertisers who maintained accounts with both Lead Galaxy and

“The increased volume of visitors and properties will allow property buyers to find properties that better match their needs, thus bettering their online experience and improving the quality of the leads that agents are receiving,” says Gerard. “As far as the international property marketing is concerned, this deal places head and shoulders above the competition.”

The huge concentration of agents and properties in the one location will mean will become the leader not only in property offerings but also in pure market reach.

The consolidated sites will be live as of Thursday 5 February at Lead Galaxy now begins the job of setting up, or merging, new accounts for their clients.


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