March 14, 2011

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Website Spotlight:

This week’s website spotlight provides a lesson in giving visitors what they want immediately, before they have a chance to get distracted and increase your bounce rate.

The website in question is, which belongs to Thompson’s Realty agent Kelley Koehler and covers “all things Tucson and real estate.” What does particularly well is provide clear, relevant calls to action and keep all its most important information “above the fold.”

By “the fold” we simply mean the place where a web page disappears below the bottom of a browser window. Open up and you’ll quickly see that everything from Koehler’s phone number and email address to a link to her podcast is visible before you have to scroll down to see more.

Not only does provide buyers and sellers with plenty of options immediately, these options are labelled with clear calls to action. Copy such as “What’s your home worth?” and “Curious about the market?” grabs your attention, while further down Koehler invites visitors who have questions or need help to “just ask!”

To complete the picture, provides a graph of current market activity below the fold. At the moment, this graph shows a trend Tucson sellers will probably be quite shocked by, but many will appreciate the fact that is up-front with this information and possibly take Koehler up on her offer of help them with their property.


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