November 26, 2010

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Display Advertising Options


Prior to Christmas I posted about Banner Advertising - the different types and how to make it more effective. I explained some of the online advertising terms and hopefully simplified the mystery of banners. As a follow up I thought we’d explore some other sorts of ‘Display Advertising’ available to help promote your business on the web.

Embellishment and Discrimination – the Great Unravellers

image: flickr/tosaytheleast

Coming up with great ads week in week out can be frustrating. It’s easy then to see how imaginations can wander and ads can become outlets for frustrated creative writers! But a property advertisement should never ever contain a falsehood or ‘stretched truth’ and should be very mindful of crossing into discriminatory territory.

Photos are king


It may be cliched but photos really do tell a thousand words when it comes to advertising properties. And many people make judgement calls based solely on a single image in a line of search results, giving your property only one chance to make a great impression. So it’s imperative you get it right first time, every time.

Standing Out Amongst the Crowd

Gone are the days of just ‘being there’. It’s no longer an advantage to just ‘be on the internet’. You need to do so much more now to stand out amongst your competitors, both from a listing and branding perspective. So what are the options?

Making Photos and Videos Work Harder

image: flickr/aussiegall

To get fantastic photos and footage you don’t need to be an expert photographer, tech guru, or lug a video camera and film around with you. All you need is a wise investment in some select digital equipment, and some easy to use software. There are loads of companies willing to lend a hand, so to begin with, we’ve chosen just a few: virtual tours, panorama photos, and a new zoom in on the detail function.

Writer’s Block?

Writing sassy and successful advertisements is a skill - one that some individuals make a living out of. But what if it’s only one part of a myriad things you have to do? Such is the lot of an estate agent.

What Makes a Good Property Ad


When puting a listing onto an agent or a portal site, it is important that the listing has enough information for the reader to make an informed decision about the property. If you do this, you will receive high quality leads from potential buyers and sellers.

There are a number of key elements that make up a quality listing. This entry looks at each of those key elements.