October 11, 2011

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Top 10 Tips for Your Agency Website


Having your own standalone website is an integral piece of the marketing puzzle. Here are propertyadguru.com’s Top 10 Tips for Your Agency Website.

Here’s propertyadguru.com‘s tips for Your Agency Website.

Your Blog – Own it and go Local


We’ve talked here about blogging techniques and also vlogging, but I wanted to explore a little further, how you can make blogging work for you as a lead generation tool.

Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Brand on a Budget


Marketing your brand is a never-ending business. When times get tough and budgets are tight, don’t be tempted to stop marketing - get creative and find new ways to promote your business.

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Blog


Blogging is a fantastic way to get your opinion out there and get connected. Many agents are active bloggers and have become well known in their markets because of it; many are deriving great revenue streams as a result of the connections made through blogging.

Are Smartphones Smart Enough?


We haven’t talked much about mobile phones, smartphones or PDAs here yet. Their use in online marketing for the real estate industry tends to divide the room pretty quickly. Do they have enough smarts or is the screen just too small? Read here about a new application that may help agents use their phone effectively in the advertising process.

Top 10 Tips for Email Etiquette


Rather than see it simply as a means of transferring a message, you should view each email communication to potential customers as an opportunity to shine, stand out from your competitors and sell yourself.

Display Advertising Options


Prior to Christmas I posted about Banner Advertising - the different types and how to make it more effective. I explained some of the online advertising terms and hopefully simplified the mystery of banners. As a follow up I thought we’d explore some other sorts of ‘Display Advertising’ available to help promote your business on the web.

Top 10 Tips for Video Marketing/SEO

[image: flickr/pedrosimoes7]

Search engines index and rank text on a webpage, but currently it is much more difficult for them to index content inside a video. Don’t let your videos get lost!

Top 10 Tips for Making a Successful Video

[image: flickr/Daquella manera]

You know your product is great and you’ve heard that online video is a great way to advertise it, so what do you need to think about next?

Embellishment and Discrimination – the Great Unravellers

image: flickr/tosaytheleast

Coming up with great ads week in week out can be frustrating. It’s easy then to see how imaginations can wander and ads can become outlets for frustrated creative writers! But a property advertisement should never ever contain a falsehood or ‘stretched truth’ and should be very mindful of crossing into discriminatory territory.