October 11, 2011

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What Makes a Good Property Ad

When puting a listing onto an agent’s or a portal site, it is important that the listing has enough information for the reader to make an informed decision about the property.  If you do this, you will receive high quality leads from potential buyers and sellers.

So what makes up a quality property advertisement? There are a number of elements that should be on all advertisements.


Photos are probably the most important part of the listing ad.  The more you put up there the better. They should show the home in its best light and should be professionally shot. The first photo displayed should be the hero shot as this is the photo often used in the search results page.


The heading for the advertisement should be catchy and enticing for the buyer. For example, if the house has had a price reduction, state that in the title so that the value buyer will click on the advertisement. Remember the listing ad appears as a short version on the search results page.


It is important that you tell the reader as much about the listing as you can. Someone who is truly interested in the property will take the time to read the description. Make sure that you are honest in what you say and provide as much factual information as you can.


Readers of the property advertisement will be looking for the price and if there is no price, they will often move on from the ad.  Therefore it is important that the reader is given clear guidance as to the price of the property.


It is very important to display the address of the property. I know some agents believe that they don’t need to display the address however portal sites today use this address to plot the property on maps and readers also want to know where the house is.

Contact Details

Finally, it is important to advertise your contact details. You should promote the email address of the office as well as the mobile phone number of the agent handling the listing. The challenge is making sure that someone answers the email or the phone call.


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  1. Max Percy says:

    What makes a good property advert….
    Simon’s article is right on the button and a subject close to my heart.

    He might also like to add ” sell the benefits not the features”.

    Unfortunately for a lot of agents the contents of his article will be lost on many.

    The proof of such is that over the years research and robust discussions with customers and clients has clearly shown that they want prices included on all properties advertised and the majority detist this no price marketing, by negotiation and deadline treaty crap.

    If an agent cannot price a property with all the information in abundance today and tools available then go to auction.

    In my experience a good many of the agents won’t take a scrap of notice on how to write a good advert and don’t really care even though it is not their money they are spending in many instances.

    They have had no formal training in writing promotional material but the aatitude still is , they know best.

    If you need further proof in support of my comments then all you need to do is pick up any daily paper that features property for sale and see it for yourselves.

    Things like” a beautiful sunny home in a gorgeous climate……. ” and the cloud showing in the photo are dark grey depressive looking ones. Yeah right - sunny. or

    “large bedroom…..,” Well how large and why not tell the readers or potential buyers. ie “large bedroom will take king size bed, room for office desk and chair, plus 4 tallboys and 2 bedside cabinets…… Now they can evisage what the advertiser determines by large.

    The list is endless and then to top it all off we have photos of mutton dressed up as lamb in many instances that are supposed to be helpful in selling the property which in my view is just crap and ego building.

    Marketing and price are what creates buyer interest, but of course the rules that apply to all other marketing gurus through the ages don’t apply to our industry.

    Note. I think profile building is essential but not to the state it has got vial property marketing. Yes social networking and facebook ,, web pages etc are not included in my comments.


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