October 11, 2011

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Email Newsletters: How Does Yours Stack Up?


In an era when social channels such as Facebook and Twitter are growing at such phenomenal

Survey: Social Media Can’t Reach Every Resident

The results of a national US-based survey suggest social media may not be the most effective marketing strategy when it comes to apartment residents.

Email Marketing Tips from campaigner.com


Interested in starting an email marketing campaign? Not quite sure how to go about it? Then the latest free ebook from campaigner.com might be the place to start.

Why Content Matters


The word “content” is used so often these days that it’s easy to let it wash over you without thinking about it what it really means. But the fact is, quality content is central to any successful online marketing strategy.

Email Newsletters: Awareness, Loyalty, Leads

Many estate agencies and individual brokers only dabble in publishing newsletters while others view it as a vital tool in the marketing and advertising mix.

Top 10 Tips for Online Branding


Here at propertyadguru.com, we see plenty of examples of online branding in any given week. Some agents have their online branding down to a fine art, while others are still getting the hang of things.

Top 10 Tips for Email Newsletters


With an email newsletter you can talk to customers past, present, and future, keep your brand fresh in the market’s mind, develop your reputation as an expert or leader, and create and build new relationships within the community, not to mention cultivating leads.

Top 10 Tips for Email Etiquette


Rather than see it simply as a means of transferring a message, you should view each email communication to potential customers as an opportunity to shine, stand out from your competitors and sell yourself.