October 11, 2011

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It’s More Than Just An Ad On A Portal

Real estate clients’ expectations of online marketing are continuing to grow, so it’s vital that we give them access to a wide range of advertising options, particularly on property portals.

How to: Create a Buyer Register


An extensive customer database, built by encouraging potential buyers to register their details with you, is an excellent tool for three reasons:

Value from Customer Satisfaction Surveys


The fact is, it’s the negative feedback that will be of most benefit to you if you are committed to growing your business based on outstanding service.

Selling Online Advertising to Vendors


Many agents gloss over the Internet when presenting to prospective sellers or landlords, even though this medium has been the single most important innovation to the way we do business.

Email Newsletters: Awareness, Loyalty, Leads

Many estate agencies and individual brokers only dabble in publishing newsletters while others view it as a vital tool in the marketing and advertising mix.

Terms Used in Online Advertising


If you are into display advertising, or even just advertising on a portal, you are likely to be confronted with a number of terms used to cover aspects of Internet advertising. It’s good to know a little bit more about what they actually mean, so we’ve put together the following list:

Back to Basics: Why Advertise Online?


propertyadguru.com occasionally receives requests for information on how to list a property online. While this may sound like a strange question to some, we think the fact that this question is still being asked probably reflects reluctance amongst some agents to make the jump to online advertising.

The reason we think online advertising is worthwhile is simple: it’s the fastest growing source of enquiry.

Obtaining Instructions Part 2: From Theory to Practice


Here is one practical example of how you can implement an early relationship building exercise with potential sellers.

Obtaining Instructions Part 1: Developing Relationships Online


Lead generation initiatives aren’t always about delivering leads ready for business that day. In fact a number of the more successful programs are focused on establishing contact with potential customers as they are just starting to think about selling their home.

Nurturing Your Leads Part 2: Become a Leader by Adding Value

[image: flickr/Hamed Saber]

As we discussed in Part 1 of our series on nurturing your leads, whether generated by your own website or through one of the major property portals, leads need to be handled, swiftly, effectively and with a surety to provide concise and relevant information. The way you respond to any leads can not only bring you business, but also position you as a leader in your field.