May 1, 2011

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Is there a Right Time to Send Email Newsletters?

Having looked at some of the latest research on the best times to blog, tweet, and post to Facebook, we wanted to touch on timing for email newsletters as well. This is a topic that generates a lot of debate between email marketers, however most have to concede that it depends on the audience you’re trying to reach. With that in mind, here are our timing tips for real estate agents who want their emails opened:

First, consider your audience. Think about what their week might look like and how their priorities will change each day. For example, sending out an email with home improvement tips might not grab anyone’s attention at the start of the working week, but as thoughts turn to the weekend people are likely to be more open to ideas on how they can boost their property’s value.

Next, think about your content. Are you sending out a round-up of your most thought-provoking blog posts that would be ideal for people whiling away their weekend online? Or are you broadcasting your latest listings that buyers need to see as soon as possible, even if it’s in the middle of their busy Monday morning? In short, what your email says should have at least some influence on when it goes out.

Remember to track your results. The only really reliable way to find out when the best time to send your emails is to record when you send them out, monitor the response, and modify your plan accordingly. While there is no magic formula for every real estate agent, there might well be for you and your particular market.

One final note: good timing can’t made up for sub-par content or a lack-lustre subject line. To make sure you’re not falling short in these areas, check out these tips for attention-grabbing emails.

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