June 9, 2011

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Aussie Audiences Leave Portals for Social Networks


We knew social media websites were popular in Australia, but what we didn’t know until now was just how quickly Australian Internet users’ online habits are changing.

Would You Use QR Codes on Your Marketing?


If you’ve never heard of QR codes (short for “quick response codes”) before, the best way to think of them is as a futuristic version of the humble supermarket barcode. But how are they useful in real estate marketing?

How Will Small Business Tech Change in 2011?


In this week’s guest post from SOBOX – the social media solution created by propertyadguru.com publisher Classified Ad Ventures – we hear some tech predictions for the coming year.

Email Use Spans the Generations


The results of a new Pew Internet study show that, far from being overtaken by new communication forms like Facebook and Twitter, email is the most common online activity for all Internet users ages 18 to 74 and over.

How to Socialise Your CEO


A new global study has revealed that 64 percent of CEOs are not social online. The study – Socializing Your CEO: From (Un)Social to Social – by public relations firm Weber Shandwick found that the majority of CEOs from the world’s largest companies are not engaging online with external stakeholders.

2 Million Views for Coldwell Banker Videos


US-based real estate agency Coldwell Banker is proving that real estate video isn’t just a fad, passing the 2 million views mark on its YouTube channel last week.

Surveys Shows the Problems with Print


A recent article by the US-based Leading Real Estate Companies of the World caught our attention as it addresses a question relevant to agents everywhere: is print advertising for real estate still worth it?

iPad Magazine Sales – Good or Bad?


In this week’s guest post from SOBOX, the social media solution created by propertyadguru.com publisher Classified Ad Ventures, we hear the latest on how the release of the iPad has impacted print sales.

Facebook Taking Over in Australia


We know a lot about how Facebook is riding high in the US, challenging even Google’s share of the market. What we don’t often see are recent statistics on how Facebook is performing in other markets. Now, thanks to Hitwise, we have a detailed picture of exactly how popular Facebook is becoming in Australia.

Ten Ways to Sell with a Tablet


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your paperback, tablet computing is heating up. Here are 10 ideas to tap your tablet and turn it into an indispensable sales tool.