October 15, 2010

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How to: Create a Buyer Register

An extensive customer database, built by encouraging potential buyers to register their details with you, is an excellent tool for three reasons:

1. Listing

When going through the listing process, you are able to tell sellers that before undertaking a huge marketing campaign the first port of call is to contact all those buyers you have on your register who may be interested in a property like theirs.

If your register of buyers is more extensive and up to date than that of competing agents, you then have a competitive advantage. Tell buyers that you can be in contact with these prospective purchasers by the end of the day if they list with you.

2. Keeping advertising costs down

If you are in a market where obtaining vendor paid advertising is difficult, having an extensive buyers list you can readily tap into could see you sell property faster and at a lower cost to your agency.

3. Buyers may be sellers too

Registering potential purchasers early enough may be beneficial in sourcing new listings. People often start to look around for a new property before putting their own home on the market. Creating a relationship with them is your opportunity to impress early. For more on this, see our post Buyers are Often Sellers Too.

How do I capture buyers for my register?

You can implement functionality on your website to encourage and capture interested buyers. Things such as newsletter sign-ups, competitions, and property alerts. For a look at how best to set these up, check out our article on calls to action here.

Other ideas for gathering buyer details include:

- Allocate banner advertising for your suburb on a property portal to drive buyers to your site for registration.

- Advertise in your window and any other media, and encourage registration when any contact is made with new people, whether by phone or at a property inspection or auction.

- Develop and promote a Home Buyer’s Guide to use as a lead generation tool and ensure that buyers are required to register their details before receiving a copy. You can promote this on your site and in all advertising and marketing.

There are multiple opportunities for getting people interested in what you do. The challenge is to capture their information and then use it wisely. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver! If you commit to a weekly newsletter, don’t miss your publishing date. If you promise to send out newly listed properties, make sure you do so.

Finally, ensure that you never ever pass on buyers’ details to third parties or anyone who might spam them. Once you have customer details you need to treat them like gold and keep them as up to date as possible.

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