It’s More Than Just An Ad On A Portal

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It’s More Than Just An Ad On A Portal

Real estate clients’ expectations of online marketing are continuing to grow, so it’s vital that we give them access to a wide range of advertising options, particularly on property portals.

Which Portal is Right for You?

Trying to get the best return on your investment along with maximum coverage is tricky. How do you make the right choice and not waste your marketing dollars?

Looking for Realtors to Test a New Application – ListGlobally

The team at Classified AdVentures (owners of Property Ad Guru) has been working hard on a new product called ListGlobally. This application allows agents to advertise their listings on market leading property portals around the world.

For example, an agent in the US or Australia can up load a listing and have it appear in the international section of such market leading sites as Rightmove in the UK, Enormo, Immobiliare in Italy, and Immobilienscout24 in Germany. Over the coming months ListGlobally will be adding more partners to its distribution list.

Not only is this a great way to promote your listings to an international audience, it is also a great tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors when marketing to potential sellers.

If you would like to be a guinea pig and help us test the application for free, just go to and click the link on the home page to register for a free trial. Once we receive your request, we will be in touch via email with your login details.

Seven Portals the Minimum:

The results of a survey from, a UK-based property search engine, show some interesting trends in the listing habits of UK agencies. surveyed 14,660 agencies to come up with the results, which show 93 percent of respondents list their properties on at least one portal. However, just over 20 percent of respondents were found to advertise on only one portal. Which was the most popular portal? You guessed it:

Google Real Estate – Should Agents Bank On It?


The news just over a week ago that Google was “entering” the UK/European market has sent the share prices of Rightmove and Seloger into a tailspin. Seloger dropped by 9% while Rightmove has plummeted a whopping 17%. Seloger has since recovered to its pre-news price while Rightmove continues to be significantly down.

So let’s look at what happened, will the property portal landscape change and is this impact on the share prices is justified.

An article by the Financial Times (Dec 2 titled “Google set to enter UK property market”) seems to have set the cat amongst the pigeons. The article stated that Google is in talks with British estate agents and that “experts” say that an entry by them to the market could pose a serious threat to existing property websites. The article didn’t talk about what Google was going to do and Google didn’t comment. So there is really not much to go on. So the only guide we really have as to what Google may do in the UK and Europe is what they have done in Australia.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Property Portal

Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Property Portal.

Top 50 Overseas Property Portals has revealed the latest top 50 overseas property portal rankings. But choosing to spend your advertising budget based on price alone would not be wise, they warn.

Dont Be Baffled by Stats

Portal sites around the world use a range of statistics when marketing themselves to agents. However, these stats are always large and often mean nothing. The real question is, what information should an agent be asking for when looking at which portal to use?


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