Facebook’s Guide to Ads

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Facebook’s Guide to Ads

A few weeks ago, we looked into Facebook Ads and found out exactly how to create one from the ground up. Now, Facebook has released its own guide to help people get the most out of its targeted ads.

Facebook Ads From the Ground Up

With Facebook now closing in on a total of 500 million users worldwide, the topic of Facebook ads is worth looking into.

Vendor Reports: Why Are They Important?

Don’t be frightened of the statistics - use them to upsell new advertising options and manage your vendor’s expectations.

UK Study: Clicks Don’t Matter

The findings of a UK-based study by .Fox Networks and comScore suggest the number of clicks video and display advertisements receive doesn’t actually matter.

Marketing Habits Tough to Change

The results of a recent survey by globaledge.co.uk reveal some interesting disparities between the marketing channels agents see as effective and the channels they actually use.

The top five most effective marketing strategies were seen to be the following:

comScore Study Questions Value of Clicks

comScore has released updated findings that show Internet users are much less likely to click on display ads than they were two years ago.

Real Estate Marketing Report Card

A new marketing tool from International Listings aims to show whether a seller’s real estate listing is syndicated across the web on all popular realty websites.

The Digital Property Group is in the process of unveiling a marketing analytics tool for its member agents. Called “Insight”, the tool will allow agents to monitor their traffic, and use the data to improve consumer marketing.

Its All About Tracking Conversions

As agents spend more and more of their marketing budget on online advertising, it is important that they truly understand what does or does not work for them. This becomes doublely important with agencies throughout the world under financial pressure and needing to make sure that whatever they spend on marketing generates results.

The following excellent article was recently published by Mike Carter in his Zoomf Blog under the title “2009, year of tracking the conversions”.

Dont Be Baffled by Stats

Portal sites around the world use a range of statistics when marketing themselves to agents. However, these stats are always large and often mean nothing. The real question is, what information should an agent be asking for when looking at which portal to use?


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