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Once property seekers leave your website and start looking on places like and, it becomes more difficult to ensure you stay top-of-mind.

New Options for UK, Aussie Agents

There’s a lot you can do on your own for your website, but for UK agents still looking for an out-of-the-box solution, UltraIT could be worth checking out.

SureDocs Expands Service for Agents

a la mode, the US-based company behind the TourNarrator iPhone app for home tours, is expanding its “SureDocs” e-signature system to offer a version designed specifically for real estate agents.

New Social Tool for Aussie Agents

With the importance of social media for real estate agents becoming clearer by the day, the team at Classified Ad Ventures (owner of have come up with a new social tool to help Australian agents: SOBOX.

SOBOX aims to provide agents with “social media in a box”, taking any hassle associated with setting up and maintaining their social media presence out of the equation.

ClickTale Wants to Track Your Audience

You might not have heard of ClickTale yet, but the web analytics service, which has been around since way back in 2006, is gradually cementing its place as the darling of analytics scene.

What’s so amazing about ClickTale? Put simply, creates videos that show what your website visitors are doing by capturing each mouse move, click, and keystroke. Lists on Twitter

One of the big debates surrounding the use of Twitter in real estate is whether listings should be broadcast through the social networking tool. Some argue that Twitter should be all about relationship building, while others say the occasional listing is perfectly ok to include. Still others are in favour of Twitter accounts that only tweet listings, maintaining they will only reach those who are truly interested. is a new US-based Twitter service that comes down firmly on the “listings only” side of the debate.

Google’s Tools: Will You Use Them?

As you’ve probably read by now, Google Maps has just launched a big marketing push in Australia and New Zealand, along with a new website targeting real estate agents: While this is an Australia and New Zealand-based push, the tools Google promotes here could be used by agents anywhere. What we want to know is, will agents get on board?

New Listing Tool for UK Agents

A new tool has recently been launched to help UK agents upload their listings to multiple property portals.

XML2U promises to take the hassle out of listing properties through the use of “Google-like technology”. First, XML2U visits the agent’s website, collects the details of their properties, and present them in a data file. Then, a link to the file can be given to any portal the agent chooses so their properties can automatically be uploaded.

Listings on the iPad

Dutch property portal loves to stay ahead of the curve. It’s constantly updating in its quest to take on market leader - in fact it even launched a property search application to go with the release of Google Wave, Google’s vision for the future of email. So it’s hardly surprising that has jumped on the release of Apple’s iPad to show just how good listings can look on the device.

Smart phones are already changing the way people look for property, but’s application gives an idea of why the iPad could also gain plenty of attention from property seekers.

New Mapping Product Launched

US company Digital Map Products, which lists,, and amongst its clients, has released a new mapping tool that visualises how home prices change over time.

The product, dubbed SpatialStream, animates property price fluctuations as colours on a map, changing from green to red as prices fluctuate. The company says this is an easy way to show what would otherwise be thousands of separate data points on a spreadsheet.


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