What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?

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What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?

“Social media optimisation” might sound like a strange concept, but you’re probably already implementing a number of SMO strategies without even realising.

ClickTale Wants to Track Your Audience

You might not have heard of ClickTale yet, but the web analytics service, which has been around since way back in 2006, is gradually cementing its place as the darling of analytics scene.

What’s so amazing about ClickTale? Put simply, creates videos that show what your website visitors are doing by capturing each mouse move, click, and keystroke.

So you’ve signed up to Google Analytics, or started using a similar service to find out how your website is performing. The only problem is, the information on your screen might as well be written in another language. If this sounds familiar, have a look through our list of common web analytics terms for a plan-English explanation.

Free Website Stats from WooRank

If you’re an agent running your own website, the prospect of a detailed picture of how it’s performing will probably sound quite enticing. That’s exactly what the newly-established service WooRank is offering, and at the moment all its reports are free.

A WooRank report shows you three traffic estimates, gives a run-down of your in-site and off-site SEO, and measures your website’s usability. Areas that need work are clearly marked with an orange dot, or a red dot if things are really dicey.

Terms Used in Online Advertising

If you are into display advertising, or even just advertising on a portal, you are likely to be confronted with a number of terms used to cover aspects of Internet advertising. It’s good to know a little bit more about what they actually mean, so we’ve put together the following list:

Three New Online Time Savers

Here are three of the latest offerings from the world of online time savers.

Help from New Social Tools

Here are three new tools that could make social media that much more useful to you and your business.

10 Cool New Online Tools

At the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco Brian Boreo told the 1,500 strong crowd his top 10 cool new online tools to help any business.

Check them out.

RICS Launches Guide for Agents

The UK’s Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has launched the Blue Book: Residential Estate Agency Standards

Can Social Media be Simplified?

A number of online services have popped up that promise to simplify and streamline your online presence. Let’s take a look at a few examples that could be useful for agents.


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