Vendor Reports: Why Are They Important?

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Vendor Reports: Why Are They Important?

Don’t be frightened of the statistics - use them to upsell new advertising options and manage your vendor’s expectations.

Big Changes Underway at Facebook

At f8, Facebook’s conference for developers and entrepreneurs held yesterday, founder Mark Zuckerburg had plenty to reveal about the future of his social network, which is about to hit 500 million visitors per month.

We all know a good understanding of analytics is an important ingredient in website success. But if you’re short on time, it can help to zero in on a few key items.

What’s Blue, Global, and Bigger than Google?

It seems at least one of our predictions for agents in 2010 - that social media fatigue would set in - could turn out to be wrong after all.

Referrals Still the Top Strategy

After surveying 1,300 agents and brokers, US real estate marketing company HomeGain has found that referrals are seen to be the most effective marketing strategy to acquire new clients. The top 10 strategies list reveals an interesting mix of traditional and newer marketing options.

So you’ve signed up to Google Analytics, or started using a similar service to find out how your website is performing. The only problem is, the information on your screen might as well be written in another language. If this sounds familiar, have a look through our list of common web analytics terms for a plan-English explanation.

Free Website Stats from WooRank

If you’re an agent running your own website, the prospect of a detailed picture of how it’s performing will probably sound quite enticing. That’s exactly what the newly-established service WooRank is offering, and at the moment all its reports are free.

A WooRank report shows you three traffic estimates, gives a run-down of your in-site and off-site SEO, and measures your website’s usability. Areas that need work are clearly marked with an orange dot, or a red dot if things are really dicey.

Lower that Bounce Rate

If you run your own website but haven’t heard the term “bounce rate”, have a seat. You might be satisfied with the number of people visiting your website, but if the majority of those visitors leave within a few seconds without interacting with any of your content, that’s something you need to deal with.’s Twitter Bot Taking Requests

The @housewatch bot can do more than just regularly send out information – it can also respond to your requests.

Dont Be Baffled by Stats

Portal sites around the world use a range of statistics when marketing themselves to agents. However, these stats are always large and often mean nothing. The real question is, what information should an agent be asking for when looking at which portal to use?


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